LulzBot Development Naming

Because we will often change the name of a product late in the development cycle, we use in house nicknames for all development projects. The LulzBot TAZ line of printers are named after trees, the LulzBot Mini line is named after flowers, the TAZ 6 and previous printer accessories are named after fish, and the Mini 1 accessories are named after birds. Accessories that are compatible with the LulzBot Mini 2 and any future LulzBot TAZ-style printers are named after butterflies and moths. Here's a guide to help you associate the development names with actual products.

LulzBot Mini's:

*"Azalea" - The first (EVT) batch of prototypes, used to verify the design goals

*"Begonia" - The second (DVT) batch of prototypes, during which most of the design is being flushed out

*"Camellia" - The third (SAT) batch of prototypes, will be the final configuration

*"Daffodil" - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The first production batch of 1000 machines

*"Euphorbia" - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The second production batch of 3000 machines

*"Foxglove" - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The third production batch of 3000 machines

*"Gladiola" - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The forth production batch of 3000 machines

*"Hibiscus" - KT-PRXXXX-XXXX - Mini 2

For Mini Accessories see accessories directory: accessories