octopus_v18_yeoldebrian-200s.gcode 8572.6774 mm of filament used in this print the print goes from 69.073000 mm to 228.923000 mm in X and is 159.850000 mm wide the print goes from 59.360000 mm to 220.630000 mm in Y and is 161.270000 mm wide the print goes from 0.000000 mm to 37.125000 mm in Z and is 37.125000 mm high Estimated duration (pessimistic): 247 layers, 2:55:32 Setting bed temperature to 85.000000 degrees Celsius. Setting hotend temperature to 230.000000 degrees Celsius. Print Started at: 17:15:17 Print ended at: 22:10:43 and took: 4:55:26