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Because we will often change the name of a product late in the development cycle, we use in house nicknames for all development projects. The LulzBot TAZ line of printers are named after trees, the LulzBot Mini line is named after flowers, and the accessories are named after fish. Here's a guide to help you associate the development names with actual products.

LulzBot Accessories:

*"Arowana" - KT-CP0081/KT-CP0082 - Extruder Fan Add-on

*"Barracuda" - KT-CP0060 - Flexystruder

*"Cobia" - KT-CP0075/KT-CP0079 - Dual Extruder

*"Dorado" - KT-CP0078/KT-CP0080 - FlexyDualie

*"Escolar" - KT-AC0001 - Cat Guard

*"Fangtooth" - KT-CP0087 - This is an all metal hotend for 3mm filament based off of the Reprap Discount Hexagon nozzle, but with changes to improve printability and make the device safer.

*"Guppy" - This is a toolhead for 1.75mm filament. It's also based off of the Hexagon nozzle and has the same tweaks as the 3mm variant.

*"Halibut" - This is a standalone paste extruder currently in the early prototype phase (

*"Icefish" - Dually Cooly. A modified lower bracked for dual extrduer with dual fan mounts (

*"Javelin" - KT-CP0089 - Dual Extruder with all metal hot ends.

*"Kanyu" - KT-CP0090 - Flexystruder with all metal hot end.

*"Longfin" - KT-CP0091 - FlexyDually with all metal hot ends.

*"Mako" - This is a early prototype design for a hexagon heater block that will allow dual extrusion through a single nozzle.

*"Noodlefish" - This is the Lulzbot edition hexagon hotend sold as a kit for reprap 3D printers, with 0.35, 0.5 and 0.6mm nozzles.

*"Opah" - This is a prototype high flow hotend based off of the Lulzbot edition hexagon hotend.

*"Pomfret" - EL-PS0029 - Lulzbot 500W 24VDC Power Supply.

*"Quillback" - This is a prototype toolhead with a fully stainless steel filament path designed for abrasive filaments like carbon fiber PLA.

*"Remora" - This is a heatsink fan duct to swap the stock hexagon blower with a 40mm fan.

*"Sturgeon" - KT-CP0094/KT-CP0095 - All metal hot end single extruder tool heads with 0.35 and 0.50 nozzles with the 16 pin connector v2c

*"Tilapia" - This is the toolhead for the TAZ 6 printer featuring support for autoleveling, dual extruder fans and an upgraded heatsink cooling fan

*"Uaru" - This is the standard toolhead for the TAZ 5 printer

*"Vanjaram" - This is the standalone hotend from the opah toolhead

*"Wahoo" - This is a dust cover or "soft enclosure" for TAZ printers

*"x-ray" - This is an updated version of the v2 flexystruder for the TAZ

*"Yellowfin" - This is a new dual extruder for the TAZ6

*"Zebra" - TAZ two piece bed assembly

*"Angelfish" - TAZ e3d extruder tool head

*"Blacksmelt" - Replicape electronics conversion kit for TAZ 6